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For the study of mRNA decay rates, transcription was inhibited with ActinomycinD, and RNA splicing with Sinefungin, at different time points, in the Matthews lab. rRNA depleted RNA was extracted from each of the samples in the Clayton lab, and sent for deep sequencing at the BioQuant facility in Heidelberg

Sample preparation procedure for metabolic footprint analysis on T. b. brucei 427 using LC/MS

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Creator: Michael Kohlstedt

Contributor: Michael Kohlstedt

This is a well-established, classical genetic method of constructing chromosomal monolysogenic fusions to a promoterless lacZ gene.

Explains the different steps involved in building the core dynamic model of glycolysis, pyruvate metabolism and ATPase in M. pneumoniae
-Construction of the model
-Parameter estimation, selection of best parameter set

Creator: Niels Zondervan

Contributor: Niels Zondervan

Initial configuration and parameters of the Bioleaching

steps conducted to pellet cells for RNA and protein extraction

Method extraction of intracellular metabolites in Lactococcus lactis

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The reverse transcriptase synthesizes DNA, which complements the mRNA template
(complementary DNA, cDNA). Cy3/Cy5-dCTP are incorporated into cDNA during Reverse transcription. The obtained Cy3/Cy5 cDNA are then competitively hybridised onto Agilent microarray slide and subsequently scanned.

Standard Operating Procedure describing the process and software used in generating a Genome Scale Metabolic model of M. hyopneumoniae.
Used software:
Pathway tools
the Cobra Toolbox

ClosTron mutants should always be subjected to Southern blot analysis to ensure that only
one intron insertion has occurred.

Creators: Ying Zhang, Nigel Minton

Contributor: Ying Zhang

No description specified

SOPs related with medium composition, fermentation and stocking of S. solfataricus.

Standard procedure regarding intracellular metabolome analysis using GC-MS.

Protocol for RNA isolation, cDNA synthesis and labeling and hybridization and cleanup of Sulfolobus solfataricus microarray

Standard operating procedures regarding iTraq based proteomics.

No description specified

Creator: Theresa Kouril

Contributor: Theresa Kouril

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This SOP describes the SUMO procedure for determining B-galactosidase activities.

This protocol describes the transcriptional profiling of E. coli cultures using microarrays. The protocol utilises RNA isolated as described in another SOP (SUMO RNA isolation from E. coli) and with hybridisation to Ocimum Ocichip E. coli K-12 microarrays.

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