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This method describes the preparation of the in vivo-like buffer for the measurement of bloodstream T. brucei recombinant enzymes under pseudo-physiological conditions.

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Creator: Federico Rojas

Contributor: Federico Rojas

We have adapted the definitions of terms in [ISA best practice][1] and [programmes and projects][2]:

Programme = Overarching research theme (The Digital Salmon)
Project = Research grant (DigiSal, GenoSysFat)
Investigation = a particular biological process, phenomenon or thing
(typically corresponds to [plans for] one or more closely related papers)
Study = experiment whose design reflects a specific biological research question
Assay = standardized measurement or diagnostic experiment using a

This protocol is designed to prepare sufficient amounts of high-quality total
RNA from the yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae grown in liquid culture for
analysis on microarrays.

Creators: Walter Glaser, Christa Gregori

Contributor: Walter Glaser

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