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Submitter: Rainer Malik

Investigation: GIGASTROKE

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Submitter: Vincent Wagner

Investigation: 1 hidden item

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Jing Ge, Le P. Ngo, Simran Kaushal, Ian J. Tay, Elina Thadhani, Jennifer E. Kay, Patrizia Mazzucato, Danielle N. Chow, Jessica L. Fessler, David M. Weingeist, Robert W. Sobol, Leona D. Samson, Scott R. Floyd, Bevin P. Engelward,*


DNA damage can be cytotoxic and mutagenic, and it is directly linked to aging, cancer, and other diseases. To counteract the deleterious effects of DNA damage, cells have ...

Norah Owiti, Joshua Corrigan, Lee Pribyl, Jennifer Kay, Bevin Engelward

The comet assay is a versatile assay for detecting DNA damage in eukaryotic cells. The assay can measure the levels of various types of damage, including DNA strand breaks, abasic sites and alkali-sensitive sites. Furthermore, the assay can also be modified to include purified DNA glycosylases so that alkylated and oxidized bases can be detected. The ...

Edward B Irvine, Patricia A Darrah, Shu Wang, Chuangqi Wang, Ryan P McNamara, Mario Roederer, Robert A Seder, Douglas A Lauffenburger, JoAnne L Flynn, Sarah M Fortune, Galit Alter

Altering the route of Bacille Calmette-Guérin (BCG) immunization from low-dose intradermal vaccination to high-dose intravenous (IV) vaccination resulted in a high level of protection against Mycobacterium tuberculosis ( Mtb ) infection, ...

HSD11B1 was inhibited in human subcutaneous and omental adipose tissue, and the effect on oxygenated adrogen metabolism was studied.

Surface plots showing the computational analysis of combined HSD11B1/AKR1C3 ratios and HSD11B1 inhibition.

HSD11B1 was inhibited by CBX and the effect of the inhibition on Cortisone and 11KA4 conversion by HSD11B1/AKR1C3 incubations were measured.

HSD11B1 and AKR1C3 transfected cells were mixed at difefrent ratios and effects on cortisone conversion (Fig. 2B) and 11KT production (Fig. 2C) were measured and simulated.

Emmanouil Angelidakis, Sophia Chen, Shun Zhang, Zhengpeng Wan, Roger D. Kamm, Sarah E. Shelton

Link to Paper:

A bidirectional association exists between metastatic dissemination and the hypercoagulable state associated with many types of cancer. As such, clinical studies have provided evidence that markers associated with elevated levels of coagulation and fibrinolysis correlate with decreased patient survival. However, ...

Leela RL Davies, Chuangqi Wang, Pia Steigler, Kathryn A Bowman, Stephanie Fischinger, Mark Hatherill, Michelle Fisher, Staney Kimbung Mbandi, Miguel Rodo, Tom HM Ottenhoff, Hazel M Dockrell, Jayne S Sutherland, Harriet Mayanja-Kizza, W Henry Boom, Gerhard Walzl, Stefan H.E. Kaufmann, Elisa Nemes, Thomas J Scriba, Douglas Lauffenburger, Galit Alter, Sarah M. Fortune.

Sequence data for European Nucleotide Archive (ENA )

Metabolomics data a for Metabolight DB

Submitter: Olga Krebs

Investigation: MESI-STRAT data for submission into public re...

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Proteomics data for PRIDE, UniProt and others

Submitter: Olga Krebs

Investigation: MESI-STRAT data for submission into public re...

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Lauren Baugh, Brittany A. Goods, Juan S. Gnecco, Yunbeen Bae, Michael Retchin, Constantine N. Tzouanas, Megan Loring, Keith Isaacson, Alex K. Shalek, Douglas Lauffenburger, Linda Griffith

Endometriosis is a debilitating gynecological disorder affecting approximately 10% of the female population. Despite its prevalence, robust methods to classify and treat endometriosis remain elusive. Changes ...

Juan S. Gnecco, Alexander Brown, Kira Buttrey, Clara Ives, Brittany A. Goods, Lauren Baugh, Victor Hernandez-Gordillo, Megan Loring, Keith Isaacson, Linda G. Griffith

The human endometrium undergoes recurring cycles of growth, differentiation, and breakdown in response to sex hormones. Dysregulation of epithelial-stromal communication during hormone cycles is linked to myriad gynecological disorders for which treatments ...

Caylin G. Winchell, Sarah K. Nyquist, Michael C. Chao, Pauline Maiello, Amy J. Myers, Forrest Hopkins, Michael Chase, Hannah P. Gideon, Kush V. Patel, Joshua D. Bromley, Andrew W. Simonson, Roisin Floyd-O’Sullivan, Marc Wadsworth, Jacob M. Rosenberg, Rockib Uddin, Travis Hughes, Ryan J. Kelly, Josephine Griffo, Jaime Tomko, Edwin Klein, Bonnie Berger, Charles A. Scanga, Joshua Mattila, Sarah M. Fortune, Alex K. Shalek, Philana Ling Lin, JoAnne L. Flynn; CD8+ lymphocytes are critical for early ...

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Chemical named entity recognition (NER) is a significant pre-processing task in natural language processing. Identification and extraction of chemical entities from biomedical literature and entities linking to the knowledge base are essential steps for the chemical text-mining pipeline. However, the identification of chemical entities in a biomedical text is a challenging task due to the diverse morphology of chemical entities and the different types of chemical nomenclature. In this work, we ...

Biomedical pre-trained language models (BioPLMs) have been achieving state-of-the-art results for various biomedical text mining tasks. However, prevailing fine-tuning approaches naively train BioPLMs on targeted datasets without considering the class distributions. This is problematic, especially with dealing with imbalanced biomedical gold-standard datasets for named entity recognition (NER). Regardless of the high-performing SOTA fine-tuned NER models, they are biased towards other (O) tags ...

Submitter: Ghadeer Mobasher

Investigation: Biomedical named entity recognition

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Hannah P.Gideon, Travis K.Hughes, Constantine N.Tzouanas, Marc H.WadsworthII, Ang AndyTu, Todd M.Gierahn, Joshua M.Peters, Forrest F.Hopkins, Jun-RongWei, Conner Kummerlowe, Nicole L.Grant, Kievershen Nargan, Jia YaoPhuah, H. JacobBorish, Pauline Maiello, Alexander G.White, Caylin G.Winchell, Sarah K.Nyquist, Sharie Keanne C.Ganchua, Amy Myers, Kush V.Patel, Cassaundra L.Ameel, Catherine T.Cochran, Samira Ibrahim, Jaime A.Tomko, Lonnie JamesFrye, Jacob ...

Irene Hu and Harold Hemond

Aquatic eddy covariance (AEC) is an in situ technique for measuring fluxes in marine and freshwater systems based on the covariance of velocity and concentration measurements. Here, development of a fast multiple-channel sensor (FACT) enables the use of AEC for measurement of benthic fluxes of fluorescent dissolved organic material, salt, and heat at three distinct sites in Massachusetts, USA, including the ...

Jennifer E. Kay, Joshua J. Corrigan, Amanda L. Armijo, Ilana S. Nazari, Ishwar N. Kohale, Dorothea K. Torous, Svetlana L. Avlasevich, Robert G. Croy, Dushan N. Wadduwage, Sebastian E. Carrasco, Stephen D. Dertinger, Forest M. White, John M. Essigmann, Leona D. Samson, Bevin P. Engelward


Link to all of the Imaging done in this study: ...

No description specified

Submitter: Theresa Kouril

Investigation: Metabolic control analysis of glyceraldehyde 3-...

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