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This is the "" file that contains all the functions needed by the "MichaelisMentenNotebook.ipynb" Jupyter notebook. Dowload it and store it in a folder "classes" in the same place as the notebook.

dummy ifle fo rtesting file uplad and nbviewer

Creator: Gudrun Gygli

Submitter: Gudrun Gygli

Summary of the PhD thesis by Joost W. Aerts Under the auspices of Rob J. van Spanning, Pascale Ehrenfreund and Hans V. Westerhoff

This file contains Violin plots for mitochondrial gene transcripts (%mtRNA), cardiac marker (Tnnt2), and pace-maker marker (Hcn4) for identified cell clusters in iSABS and sinoatrial node region (results obtained from a data reanalysis of Goodyer et al.).

This file contains several Scatter plots illustrating the correlation of %mtDNA and (a) Tnnt2 (b) Hcn4 (c) total number of gene transcripts per cell In Tnnt2 positive cells and (d) total number of gene transcripts per cell In Hcn4 positive cells.

DigiSal Metabolomics and Lipidomics Update

Conclusion: * Organic acid test ok * Next 1. Analyze all samples for OA (or selection? – include days and feed variation) 2. Then aminoacids? 3. Evaluate results – choose some samples for CapIC?

Data modelling methods that are capable of maintaining block structure, as for example the block structure of the blocks of lipid classes, are called multi-block methods e.g. Consensus Principal Component Analysis (CPCA) and Multi-block Partial Least Squares Regression (MBPLSR). CPCA and MBPLR are two large families of MB methods. The developed methods can still be transferred to other data analysis methods. CPCA and MBPLSR which are extensions of PCA and PLSR to multi-block data sets can be ...

Listing of parameter values, identical to Supplementary Table 2 of the preprint and publication.

Project News June 2021

Neues vom MESI-STRAT Projekt Juni 2021

Best practices in research data management and stewardship training on 17 June 2021

Day 4. FAIRDOMHub and Zenodo Hands On Instructions (by Olga Krebs and Aleksey Kolodkin)

Creators: Olga Krebs, Alexey Kolodkin

Submitter: Olga Krebs

Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren,

wir laden Sie herzlich zum unseren 2. Statusmeeting des Forschungsverbundes iRhythmicsein, welches Live via Webex *Anbieter am *10.06.2021 übertragen wird. Anbei finden Sie den Flyer mit dem gesamten Programm.

Informationen zum Konsortium erfahren Sie unter:

Bei Interesse wenden Sie sich bitte an die Projektmanegerin via Somit werden Ihnen die Zugangsdaten für die Webex ...

Creator: Anna Skorska

Submitter: Anna Skorska

Graphical abstract for the manuscript "Quality control in scRNA-Seq can discriminate pacemaker cells – the mtDNA bias" by Anne-Marie Galow#, Sophie Kussauer, Markus Wolfien, Robert David, and Andreas Hoeflich#

This file contains a UMAP plot generated for the Goodyer dataset illustrating the various cell populations and their proportions as well as the original t-SNE plot of the respective data published by Goodyer et al. in 2019 (doi: 10.1161/CIRCRESAHA.118.314578).

Supplementary Tables 1-4 for manuscript "The chemical defensome of five model teleost fish"

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This file contains a UMAP plot for the iSABs dataset illustrating the various cell populations and their proportions.

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Creator: Xiaokang Zhang

Submitter: Xiaokang Zhang

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Creator: Xiaokang Zhang

Submitter: Xiaokang Zhang

This file contains the dependencies required for running SloppyCell and Tellurium together using Jupyter notebooks. It can be used to create a Docker image by executing the command

docker build user/image:version .

The image used for the project can be pulled from Docker hub by typing

docker pull uurquiza/urquiza2019atelluriumsloppycell:latest

This document outlines next steps in biocuration of COVID-19 Disease Map diagrams.

The document is based on the preprint "COVID-19 Disease Map, a computational knowledge repository of SARS-CoV-2 virus-host interaction mechanisms" (doi:10.1101/2020.10.26.356014).

Creator: Marek Ostaszewski

Submitter: Marek Ostaszewski

In unserem MESI-STRAT Newsletter erfahren Sie Neuigkeiten über unser Konsortium und unsere Forschung

Creators: Petra Engele, Marta Palafox

Submitter: Petra Engele

In our newsletter you will learn all about our consortium and the progress of our research.

Creators: Petra Engele, Marta Palafox

Submitter: Petra Engele

Newsletter mit Neuigkeiten aus unserem Projekt

News of our project

Supplementary Table1 and Table2 for manuscript "The chemical defensome of fish"

This document helps to harmonise the curation efforts for the COVID-19 Disease Map.

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