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Author: Cornelius Knopp

Date Published: 24th Oct 2017

Journal: Not specified

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Plants sense the light environment through an ensemble of photoreceptors. Members of the phytochrome class of light receptors are known to play a critical role in seedling establishment, and are among ...

Author: Yang Deyue,Seaton Daniel D.,Krahmer Johanna,Halliday Karen J.

Date Published: 5th Jul 2016

Journal: Proc Natl Acad Sci USA

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Gram-positive Streptomyces bacteria produce thousands of bioactive secondary metabolites, including antibiotics. To systematically investigate genes affecting secondary metabolism, we developed a ...

Author: Xu Z.,Wang Y.,Chater K. F.,Ou H. Y.,Xu H. H.,Deng Z.,Tao M.

Date Published: 8th Jan 2017

Journal: Appl Environ Microbiol

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Predicting a multicellular organism's phenotype quantitatively from its genotype is challenging, as genetic effects must propagate up time and length scales. Circadian clocks are intracellular ...

Authors: Yin Hoon Chew, Daniel Seaton, Andrew Millar, Mengin Virginie,Flis Anna,Mugford Sam T.,Smith Alison M.,Stitt Mark

Date Published: No date defined

Journal: Not specified

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Adaptive Laboratory Evolution (ALE) is increasingly being used as a technique for untargeted strain optimization. This work aimed at developing an automated and miniaturized ALE approach based on ...

Authors: Niklas Tenhaef, Christian Brüsseler, Jan Marienhagen, Stephan Noack, Radek A.,Muller M. F.,Wiechert W.,Polen T.

Date Published: 30th May 2017

Journal: Bioresour Technol

Abstract (Expand)

Sulfolobus solfataricus is a thermoacidophilic Archaeon that thrives in terrestrial hot springs (solfatares) with optimal growth at 80 degrees C and pH 2-4. It catabolizes specific carbon sources, such ...

Authors: Sofia Figueiredo, Theresa Kouril, Patrick Haferkamp, Patricia Wieloch, Dietmar Schomburg, Peter Ruoff, Bettina Siebers, Jörg Schaber, Esser D.

Date Published: 12th Jul 2017

Journal: PLoS One

Abstract (Expand)

Constraint based methods, such as the Flux Balance Analysis, are widely used to model cellular growth processes without relying on extensive information on the regulatory features. The regulation is ...

Authors: Henning Lindhorst, Steffen Waldherr, Lucia Sergio,Findeisen Rolf

Date Published: 13th Jun 2017

Journal: Not specified

Abstract (Expand)

The thermoacidophilic Crenarchaeon Sulfolobus solfataricus is a model organism for archaeal adaptation to extreme environments and renowned for its ability to degrade a broad variety of substrates. It ...

Authors: Helge Stark, Jacqueline Wolf, Andreas Albersmeier, Trong Khoa Pham, Bettina Siebers, Phil Wright, Dietmar Schomburg, Hofmann Julia D.,Kalinowski Jörn,Neumann-Schaal Meina

Date Published: 29th May 2017

Journal: FEBS J


Not specified

Author: Schmoldt A.,Benthe H. F.,Haberland G.

Date Published: 1st Sep 1975

Journal: Biochem Pharmacol

Abstract (Expand)

Systems metabolomics, the identification and quantification of cellular metabolites and their integration with genomics and proteomics data, promises valuable functional insights into cellular biology. ...

Authors: Luis Serrano, Maier T.,Marcos J.,Wodke J. A.,Paetzold B.,Liebeke M.,Gutierrez-Gallego R.

Date Published: 20th Apr 2013

Journal: Mol Biosyst

Abstract (Expand)

Mycoplasma pneumoniae, a threatening pathogen with a minimal genome, is a model organism for bacterial systems biology for which substantial experimental information is available. With the goal of ...

Authors: Judith Wodke, Eva Yus, Luis Serrano, Edda Klipp, Puchalka J.,Lluch-Senar M.,Marcos J.,Godinho M.,Gutierrez-Gallego R.,dos Santos V. A.,Maier T.

Date Published: 4th Apr 2013

Journal: Mol Syst Biol


Not specified

Author: Sohn Seung Bum,Kim Tae Yong,Park Jong Myoung,Lee Sang Yup

Date Published: 1st Jul 2010

Journal: Biotechnology Journal


Not specified

Authors: Victor De Lorenzo, Nikel Pablo I.

Date Published: 2013

Journal: Metabolic Engineering


Not specified

Authors: Vitor Martins Dos Santos, Oberhardt Matthew A.,Puchałka Jacek,Papin Jason A.

Date Published: 31st Mar 2011

Journal: PLoS Comput Biol

Abstract (Expand)

Pseudomonas is a highly versatile genus containing species that can be harmful to humans and plants while others are widely used for bioengineering and bioremediation. We analysed 432 sequenced Pseudomonas ...

Authors: Ruben Van Heck, Koehorst J. J.,van Dam J. C.,Saccenti E.,Dos Santos V. A.,Suarez-Diez M.,Schaap P. J.

Date Published: 7th Dec 2016

Journal: Sci Rep

Abstract (Expand)

RightField is a Java application that provides a mechanism for embedding ontology annotation support for scientific data in Microsoft Excel or Open Office spreadsheets. The result is semantic annotation ...

Authors: Katy Wolstencroft, Stuart Owen, Wolfgang Müller, Finn Bacall, Jacky Snoep, Quyen Nguyen, Olga Krebs, Carole Goble, Horridge Matthew,du Preez Franco

Date Published: 2012

Journal: Knowledge Engineering and Knowledge Management

Abstract (Expand)

We present an experimental and computational pipeline for the generation of kinetic models of metabolism, and demonstrate its application to glycolysis in Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Starting from an ...

Author: Smallbone K.,Messiha H. L.,Carroll K. M.,Winder C. L.,Malys N.,Dunn W. B.,Murabito E.,Swainston N.,Dada J. O.,Khan F.,Pir P.,Simeonidis E.,Spasic I.,Wishart J.,Weichart D.,Hayes N. W.,Jameson D.,Broomhead D. S.,Oliver S. G.,Gaskell S. J.,McCarthy J. E.,Paton N. W.,Westerhoff H. V.,Kell D. B.,Mendes P.

Date Published: 9th Jul 2013

Journal: FEBS Lett


Not specified

Authors: Wolfgang Müller, Martin Golebiewski, Renate Kania, Maja Rey, Andreas Weidemann, Ulrike Wittig, Bittkowski Meik

Date Published: 1st Mar 2017

Journal: Datenbank Spektrum

Abstract (Expand)

Standards are essential to the advancement of science and technology. In systems and synthetic biology, numerous standards and associated tools have been developed over the last 16 years. This special ...

Authors: Martin Golebiewski, Dagmar Waltemath, Schreiber F.,Bader G. D.,Gleeson P.,Hucka M.,Le Novere N.,Myers C.,Nickerson D.,Sommer B.

Date Published: 12th Feb 2017

Journal: J Integr Bioinform

Abstract (Expand)

The circadian clocks that drive daily rhythms in animals are tightly coupled among the cells of some tissues. The coupling profoundly affects cellular rhythmicity and is central to contemporary ...

Authors: Andrew Millar, Wenden B.,Toner D. L.,Hodge S. K.,Grima R.

Date Published: 13th Apr 2012

Journal: Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A

Abstract (Expand)

Cellular signal transduction is governed by multiple feedback mechanisms to elicit robust cellular decisions. The specific contributions of individual feedback regulators, however, remain unclear. Based ...

Authors: Marcel Schilling, Martin Böhm, Jens Timmer, Ursula Klingmüller, Bachmann J.,Raue A.,Kreutz C.,Kaschek D.,Busch H.,Gretz N.,Lehmann W. D.

Date Published: 2011

Journal: Molecular Systems Biology

Abstract (Expand)

Biomass-derived d-xylose represents an economically interesting substrate for the sustainable microbial production of value-added compounds. The industrially important platform organism Corynebacterium ...

Authors: Volker Wendisch, Stephan Noack, Radek A.,Krumbach K.,Gatgens J.,Wiechert W.,Bott M.,Marienhagen J.

Date Published: 12th Oct 2014

Journal: J Biotechnol

Abstract (Expand)

Wild-type Corynebacterium glutamicum has no endogenous metabolic activity for utilizing the lignocellulosic pentose d-xylose for cell growth. Therefore, two different engineering approaches have been ...

Authors: Stephan Noack, Radek A.,Muller M. F.,Gatgens J.,Eggeling L.,Krumbach K.,Marienhagen J.

Date Published: 15th Jun 2016

Journal: J Biotechnol

Abstract (Expand)

Sucrose translocation between plant tissues is crucial for growth, development and reproduction of plants. Systemic analysis of these metabolic and underlying regulatory processes allow a detailed ...

Authors: Maksim Zakhartsev, Irina Medvedeva, Yuriy Orlov, Ilya Akberdin, Olga Krebs, Waltraud Schulze

Date Published: 1st Dec 2016

Journal: BMC Plant Biol

Abstract (Expand)

PCB 153 is one of the most abundant PCB congeners detected in biological samples. It is a persistent compound that is still present in the environment despite the ban on production and use of PCBs in ...

Author: Karlsen Fekadu Yadetie, Eystein Oveland, Anne Døskeland, Frode Berven Anders Goksøyr, Odd André

Date Published: 1st Apr 2017

Journal: Aquatic Toxicology

Abstract (Expand)

Understanding how dynamic molecular networks affect whole-organism physiology, analogous to mapping genotype to phenotype, remains a key challenge in biology. Quantitative models that represent processes ...

Authors: Yin Hoon Chew, Robert Muetzelfeldt, Andrew Millar, Wenden B.,Flis A.,Mengin V.,Taylor J.,Davey C. L.,Tindal C.,Thomas H.,Ougham H. J.,de Reffye P.,Stitt M.,Williams M.,Halliday K. J.

Date Published: 10th Sep 2014

Journal: Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A

Abstract (Expand)

Clock-regulated pathways coordinate the response of many developmental processes to changes in photoperiod and temperature. We model two of the best-understood clock output pathways in Arabidopsis, ...

Authors: Daniel Seaton, Andrew Millar, Smith R. W.,Song Y. H.,MacGregor D. R.,Stewart K.,Steel G.,Foreman J.,Penfield S.,Imaizumi T.,Halliday K. J.

Date Published: 21st Jan 2015

Journal: Mol Syst Biol

Abstract (Expand)

In many plants, starch is synthesized during the day and degraded during the night to avoid carbohydrate starvation in darkness. The circadian clock participates in a dynamic adjustment of starch ...

Authors: Daniel Seaton, Andrew Millar, Ebenhoh O.,Pokhilko A.

Date Published: 18th Dec 2013

Journal: J R Soc Interface

Abstract (Expand)

BACKGROUND: Methylmecury (MeHg) is a widely distributed environmental pollutant with considerable risk to both human health and wildlife. To gain better insight into the underlying mechanisms of ...

Authors: Fekadu Yadetie, Bjorneklett S.,Garberg H. K.,Oveland E.,Berven F.,Goksoyr A.,Karlsen O. A.

Date Published: 9th Aug 2016

Journal: BMC Genomics

Abstract (Expand)

Methylmercury (MeHg) is a widely distributed contaminant polluting many aquatic environments, with health risks to humans exposed mainly through consumption of seafood. The mechanisms of toxicity of ...

Authors: Fekadu Yadetie, Karlsen O. A.,Lanzen A.,Berg K.,Olsvik P.,Hogstrand C.,Goksoyr A.

Date Published: 30th Oct 2012

Journal: Aquat Toxicol

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