Proteome Coverage after Simultaneous Proteo-Metabolome Liquid–Liquid Extraction


Proteomics and metabolomics are essential in systems biology, and simultaneous proteo-metabolome liquid–liquid extraction (SPM-LLE) allows isolation of the metabolome and proteome from the same sample. Since the proteome is present as a pellet in SPM-LLE, it must be solubilized for quantitative proteomics. Solubilization and proteome extraction are critical factors in the information obtained at the proteome level. In this study, we investigated the performance of two surfactants (sodium deoxycholate (SDC), sodium dodecyl sulfate (SDS)) and urea in terms of proteome coverage and extraction efficiency of an interphase proteome pellet generated by methanol–chloroform based SPM-LLE. We also investigated how the performance differs when the proteome is extracted from the interphase pellet or by direct cell lysis. We quantified 12 lipids covering triglycerides and various phospholipid classes, and 25 polar metabolites covering central energy metabolism in chloroform and methanol extracts. Our study reveals that the proteome coverages between the two surfactants and urea for the SPM-LLE interphase pellet were similar, but the extraction efficiencies differed significantly. While SDS led to enrichment of basic proteins, which were mainly ribosomal and ribonuclear proteins, urea was the most efficient extraction agent for simultaneous proteo-metabolome analysis. The results of our study also show that the performance of surfactants for quantitative proteomics is better when the proteome is extracted through direct cell lysis rather than an interphase pellet. In contrast, the performance of urea for quantitative proteomics was significantly better when the proteome was extracted from an interphase pellet than by direct cell lysis. We demonstrated that urea is superior to surfactants for proteome extraction from SPM-LLE interphase pellets, with a particularly good performance for the extraction of proteins associated with metabolic pathways. Data are available via ProteomeXchange with identifier PXD027338 (


DOI: 10.1021/acs.jproteome.2c00758

Projects: MESI-STRAT

Publication type: Journal

Journal: Journal of Proteome Research

Citation: J. Proteome Res. 22(3):951-966

Date Published: 3rd Mar 2023

Registered Mode: by DOI

Authors: Alienke van Pijkeren, Anna-Sophia Egger, Madlen Hotze, Elisabeth Zimmermann, Tobias Kipura, Julia Grander, André Gollowitzer, Andreas Koeberle, Rainer Bischoff, Kathrin Thedieck, Marcel Kwiatkowski

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van Pijkeren, A., Egger, A.-S., Hotze, M., Zimmermann, E., Kipura, T., Grander, J., Gollowitzer, A., Koeberle, A., Bischoff, R., Thedieck, K., & Kwiatkowski, M. (2023). Proteome Coverage after Simultaneous Proteo-Metabolome Liquid–Liquid Extraction. In Journal of Proteome Research (Vol. 22, Issue 3, pp. 951–966). American Chemical Society (ACS).

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