Engineering next level photosynthesis-PhotoBoost is a 4-year research and innovation action that aims to significantly improve the efficiency of photosynthesis in plants. The optimisation of photosynthesis will be achieved by capitalising on multidisciplinary approaches including computational biology, metabolic modelling, systems biology, enzyme and pathway engineering, synthetic biology, and the multigene transformation of two major C3 crops: potato and rice. The PhotoBoost project will deliver new crops with a higher rate of biomass accumulation for commercial exploitation, facilitated by two consortium partners representing the plant breeding industry. Finally, PhotoBoost will provide industry, policymakers and consumers with the experimental evidence and social communication channels needed to facilitate the evaluation and decision-making process for the adoption of new biotechnology solutions that address current challenges in agriculture.

Programme: Independent Projects


Funding codes:
  • 862127

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Organisms: Solanum tuberosum, Oryza sativa

FAIRDOM PALs: No PALs for this Project

Project created: 10th Nov 2023

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