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SOP for extracting DNA, RNA and Proteins from the mineral pellet of a bioleaching culture using hot acidic phenol.
Current draft.

This method describes how to derivatize the N-glutathionylspermidine and trypanothione produced by T. brucei trypanothione synthetase under in vivo-like conditions

Sample preparation - SOP for sampling, preparation of cell-free extracts, and determination of total extracted protein

Creator: Femke Mensonides

Contributor: Maksim Zakhartsev

The phosphorylation level of a particular protein can be determined using a procedure based upon western immunoblotting, with Phos-tag™ reagent present in the SDS-PAGE gel. The Phos-tag™ reagent, supplied in the form of Phos-tag™ acrylamide (Wako Pure Chemical Industries, AAL-107), causes proteins to be resolved both on the basis of size and phosphorylation state. This means that phosphorylated and de-phosphorylated forms of the same protein can be distinguished.

General protocol for measuring the kinetic parameters of the purified glycolytic enzymes from Saccharomyces cerevisiae - SOP for measuring the kinetic parameters of the purified glycolytic isoenzymes

Creator: Hanan Messiha

Contributor: Maksim Zakhartsev

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