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This assay uses a dual-wavelength spectrophotometer to quantify cytochromes present in the E. coli respiratory chain.

Quantitative real-time PRC is used to compare kdpFABC expression between the E. coli strains MG1655 (wildtype)and MG1655 (kdpA4, a kdpFABC-inactive mutant after a shift to K+ limitation.

Creator: Lisbeth Lyngberg

Contributor: Lisbeth Lyngberg

Method extraction of intracellular metabolites in Lactococcus lactis

Creator: Martijn Bekker

Contributor: The JERM Harvester

This method describes how one can quench metabolism of Escherichia coli and extract metabolites from many kinds of metabolite classes like: nucleotides, sugar-phosphates, organic acids ....

A protocol for acidic quenching of lactic acid bacteria used for analyses of intracellular metabolites.

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