The SilicoTryp project aims at the creation of a “Silicon Trypanosome”, a comprehensive, experiment-based, multi-scale mathematical model of trypanosome physiology. Trypanosomes are blood-stream parasites transmitted by tsetse flies; they cause African sleeping sickness in humans and livestock. Currently available drugs have severe side effects, and the parasites are rapidly developing resistance. In this project, we collect a wide range of new experimental data on the parasite in its various life stages and different conditions. These are then integrated in a detailed computational description of parasite biology, which can be used to predict how the organism reacts to a wide range of perturbations. We expect that, in the long run, the quantitative modelling enabled by the Silicon Trypanosome will play a key role in selecting molecular targets for new anti-parasite drugs.

FAIRDOM PALs: Abeer Fadda

Project created: 14th Jun 2010

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