Targeted metabolite analysis

We have already demonstrated that the key metabolites of polyamine biosynthesis (arginine, ornithine, putrescine and spermidine) can be identified using HILIC chromatography coupled to the Orbitrap mass spectrometer, as can glycine, glutamate and cysteine used in glutathione biosynthesis, glutathionyl spermidine and trypanothione itself. Furthermore the key metabolites of the methionine cycle (methionine, S-adenosyl methionine, decarboxylated S-adenosyl methionine, methylthioadenosine) can all be detected in this way. Relative quantification in response to perturbations is possible and absolute quantification of those metabolites shown to change in response to perturbation can then be made using titrations of authentic standard and heavy atom labelled derivatives to further facilitate quantification under the same conditions.


Metabolite profiling, quantification and flux quantification

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Dong-Hyun Kim

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