IMOMESIC - Integrating Modelling of Metabolism and Signalling towards an Application in Liver Cancer

One of the most challenging questions in cancer research is currently the interconnection of metabolism and signalling. An understanding of mechanisms that facilitate the physiological shift towards a proliferative metabolism in cancer cells is considered a major upcoming topic in oncology and is a key activity for future drug development. Due to the complexity of interrelations, a systems biology approach would be most suited. However, rarely a systems biology approach is taken that: (i) works at standard conditions, (ii) combines modelling and quantitative data generation on metabolism and signalling, (iii) considers primary healthy and cancerous cells, and (iv) addresses patient heterogeneity. This project covers all these aspects. It is therefore timely, highly innovative and demonstrates the potential of systems biology towards an application in oncology.

Key questions: Which isoforms of glycolytic enzymes and key signalling components are relevant in hepatocytes and hepatoma cells?

How does growth factor and inflammatory signalling affect glycolysis in hepatocytes and hepatoma cells?

Can we design strategies for combinatorial interventions of metabolism and signal transduction to inhibit proliferation of cancer cells but not affecting healthy cells?

Programme: ERASysAPP


Public web page: Not specified

Organisms: Homo sapiens

FAIRDOM PALs: Markus Stepath, Joep Vanlier, Martin Böhm

Project created: 10th Nov 2014

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