The main objective of the ERANET proposal Systems Biology Applications - ERASysAPP (app = application = translational systems biology) is to promote multidimensional and complementary European systems biology projects, programmes and research initiatives on a number of selected research topics. Inter alia, ERASysAPP will initiate, execute and monitor a number of joint transnational calls on systems biology research projects with a particular focus on applications - or in other words so called translational systems biology research approaches (application-oriented and/or industry-relevant). The joint call proposals and their respective attention will be on applied aspects of complex biological processes in microorganisms, plants and animals. As common feature, all addressed proposal topics will tackle biological and physiological processes of common interest in the field of life sciences and biotechnology.

In order to reach our ambitious goals, ERASysAPP has been outlined to initiate novel activities and impulses for SB in the ERA. Taking past successful developments and achievements into account, ERASysAPP will be able to continue and build on work, which has been performed by the previously funded successful ERANET on SB, ERASysBio and its spin-offs ERASysBio+, SysMo and SysMO2 ( This is advantageous, since it allows for the efficient use of past experiences and tangible results of ERASysBio and will guarantee for maximum synergistic effects. Although building on the improvements of ERASysBio, ERASysAPP will provide a bundle of novel aspects, ideas, activities and sustainable new features to push SB towards new challenges and horizons. Apart from setting up joint transnational calls and giving impulses for industry to apply more SB approaches, ERASysAPP will focus on horizontal topics such as improved data management and sharing, training and networking with national, transnational, and EU SB initiatives as well as programmes outside the ERA.

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A total of 16 funding agencies/partners cooperate within the novel ERA-Net for Applied Systems Biology ERASysAPP. This ERA-Net predominantly aims at funding transnational Applied Systems Biology research, encouraging institutions and scientists from different countries, EU Member States as well as others, to network and share existing resources.

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