Metabolic changes by oxidative stress in T. b. brucei 427
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Untargeted and targeted metabolic analysis on T. b. brucei 427 grown under oxidative stress with methylene blue has been carried out. This work has been completed with 11 bio-reps and found significant metabolic changes as you can see in the IDEOM file attached. 'Comparison' tab in the data spread sheet shows heat maps and fold change analysis regarding different metabolite levels (T: T brucei, TMB: T. brucei exposed to methylene blue, numbers: time points, 0, 5, 60 & 120min). If you double click any metabolite name (column E), then you will be able to see the graph showing the metabolite level. If you want to understand more about IDEOM, please see the below reference as IDEOM has been recently published in Bioinformatics. Through multivariate and univariate analysis, a potential oxidative stress maker has been found since the level of ariginine phosphate dramatically decreased as methylene blue concentration increased. The participation of the phosphagen system related to arginine kinase in oxidative stress responses has been already reported (C. A. Pereira et al., 2003, FEBS Letters, 554, 201-205). Arginine kinase kock-out (ArgK KO) cells have been already produced and it is under investigation if there are any different drug responses between ArgK KO and wild type cells.

For IDEOM: D. J. Creek et al., 2012, IDEOM: An Excel interface for analysis of LC-MS based metabolomics data, Bioinformatics.


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