pre-mRNA processing rate

Genes are transcribed in polysictronic messages (pre-mRNA) that are destined for either maturation into mRNAs, or degradation. Since transcription regulation is non-existent with few exceptions, the rate of pre-mRNA processing, together with mRNA decay and translation rates, are believed to control gene expression. In this assay, 2T1 blood form trypanosomes are subject to treatment by ActinomycinD for 5 minutes, inhibiting transcription. The cells are harvested, depleted for ribosomal RNA, and sent for deep sequencing. 2 biological replicates have been processed. Reads that align to 20 bp just upstream of 5' splice sites, are believed to correspond to pre-mRNA. The number of reads is compared to a control sample, and the rate of processing is calculated assuming an exponential profile. The results for blood form Trypanosomes will be compared to the results from 2 replicates for the procyclic form. Differences will be linked to differences in mature mRNA abundances between the two forms.

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