Modelling of M. pneumoniae metabolism

  1. To develop a whole-cell dynamic model framework of the metabolism of M. pneumoniae
  2. To build upon M. pneumoniae models to develop a genome-scale, constraint-based model of M. hyopneumoniae for vaccine optimization
  3. To deploy the metabolic model(s) to: 1) the rational design and optimization of the vaccine chassis; 2) aid the development of a higher-growth rate chassis; 3) assist the development of a nutrient optimized a serum-free growth medium and; 4) assess, at genome scale, the metabolic capabilities of a series of Mycoplasmas with the purpose of designing a tailored vaccine portfolio

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Zondervan, N. (2019). Modelling of M. pneumoniae metabolism. FAIRDOMHub.
Note: This is a citation for Snapshot 3 of this Investigation, the contents of which may vary from what is shown on this page.
Snapshot 3 (20th Nov 2019) DOI
Snapshot 2 (14th Jan 2019) DOI
Snapshot 1 (14th Jan 2019) DOI

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