Dynamic model of glycolysis, pyruvate metabolism and NoxE in M. pneumonaie with innitial parameter values and annotation
Version 3

Dynamic model of glycolysis, pyruvate metabolism and NoxE. The model is parameterized by selecting the best out of 100 parameter set using Copasi's Genetic algorithm with 1000 itterations and 500 simmulatanious models.

SEEK ID: https://fairdomhub.org/models/269?version=3

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  • 3_model_NoxE_24h_best_parameters.xml (XML document - 88.3 KB) Download
  • All code and input to run analyses and simmulations.zip (Zip file - 187 MB) Download
  • ModelBeforeParameterEstimation_Annotated_SBML_L2V4.xml (XML document - 54.4 KB) Download

Organism: Mycoplasma pneumoniae

Model type: Ordinary differential equations (ODE)

Model format: SBML

Execution or visualisation environment: Not specified

Model image: No image specified

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Created: 15th May 2017 at 14:21

Last updated: 20th Nov 2019 at 00:07

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