Internal metabolite concentraitons for mutants, perturbation and time series samples including mutant enzyme fold change
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Contains relative mutant (OE, KO) perturbation and time series samples metabolite concentrations and enzyme fold change of targeted enzymes used for model validation. Measured are the relative fold change, Mean and SD of log2 fold change values are based on multiple measurements per sample (minimum of three). Contains input data for Automated Model simulations pipeline to load and update the models metabolite concentrations and enzyme parameters to simulate all sample using a custom python script that uses the libRoadRunner high performance SBML simulation and analysis library and Tellurium, a Python Based Modeling and Reproducibility Platform.


Filename: 160622_MPN_All_Metabolomics_Data_Merged_WithDiffAnalysis-1-LS NZ4.2.xlsx  Download

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