NB! The files here are the old version for the files in Lipidomics (Experimental Assay)

Lipidomic analysis by LC-MS of tissue samples from the GSF1 feed-switch experiment. Samples were analyzed at NTNU by Zdenka Bartosova and Per Bruheim.

There are two separate data files of lipid analysis in muscle and liver samples. Excel sheets contains both raw and normalised data of compounds abundance. Normalization to all compounds was used as a normalization method.

We have also performed a "normalization experiment" where we have tried to adjust injection volume with a respect to a weight of a sample and data are collected in the third document but we are going to give you more detailed information about this experiment via skype video chat.

Data files consist of 48 samples (liver and muscle from days 0, 6, and 20) with 1018 potential compounds identified for liver, 1967 for muscle. Compounds are identified by retention time and mass to charge ratio (m/z). Identification of the most important compounds is ongoing.

Source: Email titled "Re: DigiSal: Workshop" from Zdenka Bartosova 2017-03-31 16:08 to Thomas Nelson Harvey , Per Bruheim Subject: Re: DigiSal: Workshop


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