Lipidomic analysis by UPC2-MS of tissue samples from the GSF1 feed-switch experiment. Samples were analyzed at NTNU by Zdenka Bartosova and Per Bruheim.

There are three separate data files of lipid analysis in muscle, liver and gut tissue samples. Excel sheets contains both raw and normalised data of compounds abundance. Normalization to all compounds was used as a normalization method.

Columns: Compound 0.93_858.7669n Anova (p) 0,044998264 q Value 0,009417222 Max Fold Change 1,644961431 Maximum Abundance 279622,9879 Minimum CV% 10,56 GSF1_SW_D0_MA_F336_G 165501,0399 Neutral mass (Da) 858,7668769 m/z 876,8007024 Charge 1 Retention time (min) 0,933166667 Chromatographic peak width (min) 0,09745 Identifications 51 Highest Mean SW D0 VO Lowest Mean SW D0 MA Isotope Distribution 100 - 54.7 - 52.2 - 24.8 - 0.0982 - 0.0826 - 0.0164

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