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Nucleic acids, which constitute the genetic material of all organisms, are continuously exposed to endogenous and exogenous damaging agents, representing a significant challenge to genome stability and ...

Authors: Tim Rasmussen, Fakouri Nima Borhan,Durhuus Jon Ambæk,Regnell Christine Elisabeth,Angleys Maria,Desler Claus,Hasan-Olive Md Mahdi,Martín-Pardillos Ana,Tsaalbi-Shtylik Anastasia,Thomsen Kirsten,Lauritzen Martin,Bohr Vilhelm A.,de Wind Niels,Bergersen Linda Hildegard

Date Published: 1st Dec 2017

Journal: Sci Rep

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Sustainable production of target compounds such as biofuels and high-value chemicals for pharmaceutical, agrochemical, and chemical industries is becoming an increasing priority given their current ...

Authors: Natalie Stanford, Millard P.,Swainston N.

Date Published: 24th Mar 2015

Journal: Front Cell Dev Biol

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In many plants, starch is synthesized during the day and degraded during the night to avoid carbohydrate starvation in darkness. The circadian clock participates in a dynamic adjustment of starch ...

Authors: Daniel Seaton, Andrew Millar, Ebenhoh O.,Pokhilko A.

Date Published: 18th Dec 2013

Journal: J R Soc Interface


Not specified

Authors: Anna Feldman-Salit, Silvio Hering, Nadine Veith, Vlad Cojocaru, Antje Sieg, Hans Westerhoff, Bernd Kreikemeyer, Rebecca Wade, Tomas Fiedler, Messiha H.

Date Published: 17th May 2013

Journal: Journal of Biological Chemistry

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Plant and microbial metabolic engineering is commonly used in the production of functional foods and quality trait improvement. Computational model-based approaches have been used in this important ...

Author: Bekaert M.

Date Published: 14th Nov 2012

Journal: PLoS One

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RNA processing and degradation are key processes in the control of transcript accumulation and thus in the control of gene expression. In Escherichia coli, the underlying mechanisms and components of ...

Authors: Rick Lewis, Ulrike Mäder, Joerg Stuelke, Lehnik-Habrink Martin

Date Published: 8th May 2012

Journal: Mol. Microbiol.

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Lactic acid-producing bacteria survive in distinct environments, but show common metabolic characteristics. Here we studied the dynamic interactions of the central metabolism in Lactococcus lactis, ...

Authors: None

Date Published: 14th Feb 2012

Journal: The FEBS journal

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RightField is a Java application that provides a mechanism for embedding ontology annotation support for scientific data in Microsoft Excel or Open Office spreadsheets. The result is semantic annotation ...

Authors: Katy Wolstencroft, Stuart Owen, Wolfgang Müller, Finn Bacall, Jacky Snoep, Quyen Nguyen, Olga Krebs, Carole Goble, Horridge Matthew,du Preez Franco

Date Published: 2012

Journal: Knowledge Engineering and Knowledge Management

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The increasing use of computational simulation experiments to inform modern biological research creates new challenges to annotate, archive, share and reproduce such experiments. The recently published ...

Authors: Jacky Snoep, Waltemath Dagmar,Adams Richard,Bergmann Frank T,Hucka Michael,Kolpakov Fedor,Miller Andrew K,Moraru Ion I,Nickerson David,Sahle Sven,Le Novère Nicolas

Date Published: 15th Dec 2011

Journal: BMC Syst Biol

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Many bacteria undergo transitions between environments with differing O₂ availabilities as part of their natural lifestyles and during biotechnological processes. However, the dynamics of adaptation ...

Authors: Matthew Rolfe, Guido Sanguinetti, Robert Poole, Jeff Green, Trotter Eleanor W,Hounslow Andrea M,Craven C Jeremy,Williamson Michael P

Date Published: 27th Sep 2011

Journal: PLoS ONE

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RNA processing and degradation is initiated by endonucleolytic cleavage of the target RNAs. In many bacteria, this activity is performed by RNase E which is not present in Bacillus subtilis and other ...

Authors: Ulrike Mäder, Joerg Stuelke, Lehnik-Habrink Martin,Schaffer Marc,Diethmaier Christine,Herzberg Christina

Date Published: 4th Aug 2011

Journal: Mol. Microbiol.

Abstract (Expand)

The control of mRNA stability is an important component of regulation in bacteria. Processing and degradation of mRNAs are initiated by an endonucleolytic attack, and the cleavage products are processively ...

Authors: Joseph Newman, Rick Lewis, Joerg Stuelke, Lehnik-Habrink Martin,Rothe Fabian M,Solovyova Alexandra S,Rodrigues Cecilia,Herzberg Christina,Commichau Fabian M

Date Published: 29th Jul 2011

Journal: J. Bacteriol.

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MOTIVATION: In the Life Sciences, guidelines, checklists and ontologies describing what metadata is required for the interpretation and reuse of experimental data are emerging. Data producers, however, ...

Authors: Katy Wolstencroft, Stuart Owen, Olga Krebs, Wolfgang Müller, Jacky Snoep, Franco Du Preez, Carole Goble, Horridge Matthew

Date Published: 26th May 2011

Journal: Bioinformatics


Not specified

Authors: Vitor Martins Dos Santos, Oberhardt Matthew A.,Puchałka Jacek,Papin Jason A.

Date Published: 31st Mar 2011

Journal: PLoS Comput Biol

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Hepatitis C virus (HCV) is a major causative agent of chronic liver disease in humans. To gain insight into host factor requirements for HCV replication, we performed a siRNA screen of the human kinome ...

Authors: Lars Kaderali, Ralf Bartenschlager, Reiss S.,Rebhan I.,Backes P.,Romero-Brey I.,Erfle H.,Matula P.,Poenisch M.,Blankenburg H.,Hiet M. S.,Longerich T.,Diehl S.,Ramirez F.,Balla T.,Rohr K.,Kaul A.,Buhler S.,Pepperkok R.,Lengauer T.,Albrecht M.,Eils R.,Schirmacher P.,Lohmann V.

Date Published: 18th Jan 2011

Journal: Cell Host Microbe

Abstract (Expand)

The important human pathogen Staphylococcus aureus is known to spread on soft agar plates. Here, we show that colony spreading of S. aureus involves the agr quorum-sensing system. This finding can be ...

Authors: Jan Maarten Van Dijl, Tsompanidou Eleni,Sibbald Mark J J B,Chlebowicz Monika A,Dreisbach Annette,Back Jaap Willem,Buist Girbe,Denham Emma L

Date Published: 17th Dec 2010

Journal: J. Bacteriol.

Abstract (Expand)

Maintenance of cation homoeostasis is a key process for any living organism. Specific mutations in Glc7, the essential catalytic subunit of yeast protein phosphatase 1, result in salt and alkaline pH ...

Authors: Clara Navarrete, Lina Patricia Barreto Parra, Jose Ramos, Joaquin Ariño, Antonio Casamayor, Ferrer-Dalmau Jofre,González Asier,Platara Maria,Martínez José L

Date Published: 24th Dec 2009

Journal: Biochem. J.

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Various types of the staphylococcal cassette chromosome mec (SCCmec) are known to confer methicillin resistance on the human pathogen Staphylococcus aureus. Such cassettes are not always stably maintained. ...

Authors: Jan Maarten Van Dijl, Chlebowicz Monika A,Nganou Kristelle,Kozytska Svitlana,Arends Jan P,Engelmann Susanne,Grundmann Hajo,Ohlsen Knut,Buist Girbe

Date Published: 7th Dec 2009

Journal: Antimicrob. Agents Chemother.

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Plants are exposed to continual changes in the environment. The daily alternation between light and darkness results in massive recurring changes in the carbon budget, and leads to widespread changes ...

Author: Piques Maria,Schulze Waltraud X,Höhne Melanie,Usadel Björn,Gibon Yves,Rohwer Johann,Stitt Mark

Date Published: 13th Oct 2009

Journal: Mol Syst Biol

Abstract (Expand)

The phosphatase calcineurin and the kinases Hal4/Hal5 regulate high-affinity potassium uptake in Saccharomyces cerevisiae through the Trk1 transporter. We demonstrate that calcineurin is necessary for ...

Authors: Joaquin Ariño, Jose Ramos, Casado Carlos,Yenush Lynne,Melero Carmen,Ruiz María del Carmen,Serrano Raquel,Pérez-Valle Jorge

Date Published: 3rd Jul 2009

Journal: FEBS Lett.

Abstract (Expand)

Recently, we showed that the MarR-type repressor YkvE (MhqR) regulates multiple dioxygenases/glyoxalases, oxidoreductases and the azoreductase encoding yvaB (azoR2) gene in response to thiol-specific ...

Authors: Michael Hecker, Leelakriangsak Montira,Huyen Nguyen Thi Thu,Töwe Stefanie,van Duy Nguyen,Becher Dörte,Antelmann Haike,Zuber Peter

Date Published: 16th Jan 2008

Journal: Mol. Microbiol.

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