CEPOPA - Development of sustainable chemoenzymatic processes for optically pure amines from alcohols or alkynes

CEPOPA envisions a sustainable cascade one-pot process for the synthesis of optically pure amines from alcohols and/or alkynes, using enzymes immobilized onto catalytically active nanomaterials. In the framework of the project, efficient chemoenzymatic processes will be developed for the synthesis of a set of amines that can be used as building blocks for pharmaceuticals or biomaterials.

Programme: Hellenic Foundation for Research and Innovation - Supporting academic Staff and Researchers

SEEK ID: https://fairdomhub.org/projects/193

Funding codes:
  • Project Number: 664

Public web page: Not specified

Organisms: Escherichia coli

FAIRDOM PALs: No PALs for this Project

Project start date: 24th Feb 2020

Project end date: 23rd Aug 2023

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