WP4: Establishment of chemoenzymatic process

Objectives: Establishment of the chemoenzymatic process with the best GO-ATA hybrid catalysts. Highlighting of the potential of the process in semi-preparative scale.

Description of Work: The best hybrid catalysts identified in WP3 will be investigated in coupled one-pot reactions selected in WP1, in batch and continuous flow reactors. The productivity of the system will be optimized with response surface methodology (RSM), for parameters such as temperature, duration, substrate concentration etc. The reusability of the system will be investigated, with specific focus on the recovery of the activity and potential reloading if required. The applicability will be highlighted in semi-preparative (mg) scale. The products will be characterized, and the isolated yield and purity of the one-pot process will be compared to a two-step batch process using the same catalysts.

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Created: 17th Apr 2020 at 21:26

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