WP1: Graphene oxide screening

Objectives: Protocol identification and establishment for the synthesis of high-performing catalytic GO in the desired oxidation reactions under mild conditions. Characterization of the most prominent materials synthesized and comparison to commercially available material.

Description of Work: Several established chemical methods will be used for the synthesis of GO. Each batch will be characterized, for instance for its C/O ratio, surface area and conductivity. The catalytic profile of the synthesized GO against a set of alcohols and alkenes and alkynes, similar to those that we have recently reviewed, will be investigated, at ambient temperatures (max. 100ºC), in order to identify the synthetic protocol that provides GO of high catalytic potency and which can be coupled with the enzymes in the next WPs. Apart from the catalytic profile, GO’s reusability will be investigated, as well as the potential of re-oxidation under mild conditions, in case they lose their catalytic potency after some cycles of use. At the end of this WP, the best performing GO will be selected for all further WPs, as well as a set of compounds to be further investigated in the chemoenzymatic process.

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