WP5: Management

Objectives: Empowering smooth implementation and fruitful completion of all WPs and tasks. Implementation of a data management plan for efficient dissemination under F.A.I.R. principles.

Description of Work: The PI of the project with the heads of the collaborating groups will closely monitor the progress of the technical and administrative tasks and it will implement actions to correct any deviation from the established work-plan. The whole group will meet regularly every six months or more frequently, if necessary. Annual reports will be filed. The PhD students will be guided in a tighter schedule, and they will participate in the weekly group meetings of the Enzyme Technology Lab, where they will be able to present their data and plan their experiments, in order to avoid delays. The progressing of the scientific activities and administrative issues will be constantly reviewed and monitored. To overcome risks during the implementation of the project, we will perform a risk assessment analysis in 4 phases: identification of risk causes; assessment of the related impact and severity; implementation of mitigation actions; monitoring and analysis. For the dissemination of the results, three international peer-review publications on high ranking journals are planned with the results of CEPOPA. In addition, three active participations in international conferences (at least with a poster) are planned, for the dissemination of the results, but also to provide networking opportunities to the PhD students for their next career steps. More than that, a data management plan will be implemented, to grant all data open to the public according to the F.A.I.R. principles. The data management plan will be revised, if required, in our physical meetings.

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