Dynamic interplay between nuclei and mitochondria in ageing cells

We will systematically analyse large datasets of multiple types to: (i) identify key components
affected by age or experimental perturbation; (ii) establish networks of interaction; (iii) develop dynamic
computational models based on these networks; (iv) use model selection methods to discriminate between
alternative network topologies and generate predictive models. To characterise the data, we will apply an
ensemble of methods, including frameworks in R/Bioconductor and toolboxes connected via APIs, algorithms for
machine learning and deep learning, mutual information, Bayesian inference and various cluster analysis. Each
strategy will be assessed for quality of output, efficiency, ease of use and maintainability. We will develop full
interaction networks by employing a different set of multi-strategy workflows on enhanced data sets
supplemented with data generated from cell cultures and in-vitro model systems upon perturbation. This will
require the development of novel multi-workflows to enable data integration and analysis of temporal
relationships across age and/or biological processes. Strategies will employ suites of apps within Cytoscape
as well as emerging technologies such as Active Interaction Mapping where network
connections are driven by function. The outputs will be used to inform the network topology of computational
models of molecular mechanisms and cellular processes.

Programme: Newcastle University Systems Modelling of Ageing

SEEK ID: https://fairdomhub.org/projects/136

Public web page: Not specified

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Project created: 22nd Jan 2019

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