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The FAIRDOMHub is a repository for publishing FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable) Data, Operating procedures and Models ( for the Systems Biology community. ...

Authors: Katy Wolstencroft, Olga Krebs, Jacky Snoep, Natalie Stanford, Finn Bacall, Martin Golebiewski, Rostyslav Kuzyakiv, Quyen Nguyen, Stuart Owen, Jakub Straszewski, Alan Williams, Bernd Rinn, Wolfgang Müller, Carole Goble, Soiland-Reyes S.,van Niekerk D. D.,Malmstrom L.

Date Published: 3rd Dec 2016

Journal: Nucleic Acids Res

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Wild-type Corynebacterium glutamicum has no endogenous metabolic activity for utilizing the lignocellulosic pentose d-xylose for cell growth. Therefore, two different engineering approaches have been ...

Authors: Stephan Noack, Radek A.,Muller M. F.,Gatgens J.,Eggeling L.,Krumbach K.,Marienhagen J.

Date Published: 15th Jun 2016

Journal: J Biotechnol

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The intra- and extracellular concentrations of 16 metabolites were measured in chemostat (D = 0.1 h−1) anaerobic cultures of the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae CEN.PK-113-7D growing on minimal medium. ...

Authors: Maksim Zakhartsev, Matthias Reuss, Vielhauer Oliver,Horn Thomas,Yang Xuelian

Date Published: 1st Apr 2015

Journal: Metabolomics

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BACKGROUND AIMS: Mesenchymal stromal cells (MSCs) resemble an essential component of the bone marrow niche for maintenance of stemness of hematopoietic progenitor cells (HPCs). Perturbation of the C-X-C ...

Authors: Rainer Saffrich, Ludwig A.,Eckstein V.,Bruckner T.,Wagner W.,Ho A. D.,Wuchter P.

Date Published: 10th Oct 2013

Journal: Cytotherapy

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An existing detailed kinetic model for the steady-state behavior of yeast glycolysis was tested for its ability to simulate dynamic behavior. Using a small subset of experimental data, the original ...

Authors: Franco Du Preez, Jacky Snoep, van Niekerk David D,Kooi Bob,Rohwer Johann M

Date Published: 21st Jun 2012

Journal: The FEBS journal

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In an accompanying paper [du Preez et al., (2012) FEBS J doi: 10.1111/j.1742-4658.2012.08665.x], we adapt an existing kinetic model for steady-state yeast glycolysis to simulate limit-cycle oscillations. ...

Authors: Franco Du Preez, Jacky Snoep, van Niekerk David D

Date Published: 13th Jun 2012

Journal: The FEBS journal

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Pausing of transcription is an important step of regulation of gene expression in bacteria and eukaryotes. Here we uncover a factor-independent mechanism of transcription pausing, which is determined ...

Authors: Yulia Yuzenkova, Nikolay Zenkin, Bochkareva Aleksandra,Tadigotla Vasisht R

Date Published: 29th Nov 2011

Journal: EMBO J.

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Sortases of Gram-positive bacteria catalyze the covalent C-terminal anchoring of proteins to the cell wall. Bacillus subtilis, a well-known host organism for protein production, contains two putative ...

Authors: Michael Hecker, Jan Maarten Van Dijl, Fasehee Hamidreza,Westers Helga,Bolhuis Albert,Antelmann Haike,Quax Wim J,Mirlohi Agha F,Ahmadian Gholamreza

Date Published: 31st Aug 2011

Journal: Proteomics

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The cold stress response of Pseudomonas putida KT2440 was investigated by genomewide deep cDNA sequencing and gel-free MS-based protein profiling. Transcriptome and proteome profiles were assessed at ...

Authors: Sarah Frank, Jens Klockgether, Burkhard Tuemmler, Schmidt F.,Davenport C. F.,Gesell Salazar M.,Volker U.

Date Published: 1st Mar 2011

Journal: FEMS Microbiol Lett

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Any signal transduction requires communication between a sensory component and an effector. Some enzymes engage in signal perception and transduction, as well as in catalysis, and these proteins are ...

Authors: Joseph Newman, Rick Lewis, Gunka Katrin,Commichau Fabian M,Herzberg Christina,Rodrigues Cecilia,Hewitt Lorraine,Stülke Jörg

Date Published: 22nd Feb 2010

Journal: J. Mol. Biol.

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Pseudomonas putida DOT-T1E is a highly solvent-tolerant strain. Although the main mechanism that confers solvent tolerance to the strain is the TtgGHI efflux pump, a number of other proteins are also ...

Authors: Juan Ramos, García Vanina,Godoy Patricia,Daniels Craig,Hurtado Ana,Segura Ana

Date Published: 1st Nov 2009

Journal: Not specified

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