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Within the archaea, the thermoacidophilic crenarchaeote Sulfolobus solfataricus has become an important model organism for physiology and biochemistry, comparative and functional genomics, as well as, ...

Authors: Melanie Zaparty, Dominik Esser, Susanne Gertig, Patrick Haferkamp, Theresa Kouril, Andrea Manica, Trong Khoa Pham, Julia Reimann, Kerstin Schreiber, Pawel Sierocinski, Daniela Teichmann, Marleen van Wolferen, Mathias Von Jan, Patricia Wieloch, Sonja-Verena Albers, Arnold Driessen, Hans-Peter Klenk, Christa Schleper, Dietmar Schomburg, John Van Der Oost, Phil Wright, Bettina Siebers

Date Published: 31st Aug 2009

Journal: Extremophiles

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14-3-3 proteins form a family of highly conserved, acidic, dimeric proteins. These proteins have been identified in all eukaryotic species investigated, often in multiple isoforms, up to 13 in the plant ...

Authors: None

Date Published: 29th May 2009

Journal: Genomics

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