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ABSTRACT: BACKGROUND: With increased experimental availability and accuracy of bio-molecular networks, tools for their comparative and evolutionary analysis are needed. A key component for such studies ...

Authors: Johannes Berg, Kolar Michal,Meier Jörn,Mustonen Ville,Lässig Michael

Date Published: 21st Nov 2012

Journal: BMC Syst Biol

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Methylmercury (MeHg) is a widely distributed contaminant polluting many aquatic environments, with health risks to humans exposed mainly through consumption of seafood. The mechanisms of toxicity of ...

Authors: Fekadu Yadetie, Karlsen O. A.,Lanzen A.,Berg K.,Olsvik P.,Hogstrand C.,Goksoyr A.

Date Published: 30th Oct 2012

Journal: Aquat Toxicol

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In Escherichia coli several systems are known to transport glucose into the cytoplasm. The main glucose uptake system under batch conditions is the glucose phosphoenolpyruvate:carbohydrate phosphotransferase ...

Authors: None

Date Published: 8th Oct 2012

Journal: Journal of Bacteriology

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Enterococcus faecalis V583 was grown in a glucose-limited chemostat at three different (0.05 h(-1), 0.15 h(-1) and 0.4 h(-1)) growth rates. The fermentation pattern changed with growth rate, from a ...

Authors: Ibrahim Mehmeti, Martijn Bekker, Ingolf Nes, Helge Holo, Faergestad Ellen M,Snipen Lars

Date Published: 1st Nov 2011

Journal: Applied and environmental microbiology

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Clostridium acetobutylicum is able to switch from acidogenic growth to solventogenic growth. We used phosphate-limited continuous cultures that established acidogenic growth at pH 5.8 and solventogenic ...

Authors: Holger Janssen, Désireé Krausse, Ralf-Jörg Fischer, Hubert Bahl, Peter Dürre, Armin Ehrenreich, Grimmler Christina,Liebl Wolfgang

Date Published: 6th Jan 2011

Journal: J. Mol. Microbiol. Biotechnol.

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We designed a simple graphical presentation for the results of a transcription factor (TF) pattern matching analysis. The TF analysis algorithm utilized known sequence signature motifs from several ...

Authors: None

Date Published: 19th Mar 2010

Journal: Genome Inform

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How cultures of genetically identical cells bifurcate into distinct phenotypic subpopulations under uniform growth conditions is an important question in developmental biology of relevance even to ...

Authors: None

Date Published: 10th Mar 2010

Journal: Mol. Microbiol.

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Quinones and alpha,beta-unsaturated carbonyls are naturally occurring electrophiles that target cysteine residues via thiol-(S)-alkylation. We analysed the global expression profile of Bacillus subtilis ...

Authors: Michael Lalk, Michael Hecker, Nguyen Thi Thu Huyen,Eiamphungporn Warawan,Mäder Ulrike,Liebeke Manuel,Helmann John D,Antelmann Haike

Date Published: 23rd Dec 2008

Journal: Mol. Microbiol.

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In this review, we demonstrate the power of gel-based proteomics to address physiological questions of bacteria. Although gel-based proteomics covers a subpopulation of proteins only, fundamental issues ...

Authors: Michael Hecker, Antelmann Haike,Büttner Knut,Bernhardt Jörg

Date Published: 13th Nov 2008

Journal: Proteomics

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Bacillus subtilis is a prolific producer of enzymes and biopharmaceuticals. However, the susceptibility of heterologous proteins to degradation by (extracellular) proteases is a major limitation for ...

Authors: Michael Hecker, Jan Maarten Van Dijl, Westers Lidia,Westers Helga,Zanen Geeske,Antelmann Haike,Noone David,Devine Kevin M,Quax Wim J

Date Published: 12th Jun 2008

Journal: Proteomics

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A cornerstone of biotechnology is the use of microorganisms for the efficient production of chemicals and the elimination of harmful waste. Pseudomonas putida is an archetype of such microbes due to ...

Authors: Kenneth Timmis, Vitor Martins Dos Santos, Puchałka Jacek,Oberhardt Matthew A,Godinho Miguel,Bielecka Agata,Regenhardt Daniela,Papin Jason A

Date Published: 27th Mar 2008

Journal: PLoS Comput. Biol.

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Glutamate is a central metabolite in all organisms since it provides the link between carbon and nitrogen metabolism. In Bacillus subtilis, glutamate is synthesized exclusively by the glutamate synthase, ...

Authors: Joerg Stuelke, Commichau Fabian M,Gunka Katrin,Landmann Jens J

Date Published: 7th Mar 2008

Journal: J. Bacteriol.

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The balance between the supply and utilization of carbon (C) changes continually. It has been proposed that plants respond in an acclimatory manner, modifying C utilization to minimize harmful periods ...

Author: Usadel B.,Blasing O. E.,Gibon Y.,Retzlaff K.,Hohne M.,Gunther M.,Stitt M.

Date Published: No date defined

Journal: Plant Physiol

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