project: _p_stRT Short Name: stRT Title: Solanum tuberosum Reference Transcriptomes Description: Cultivar-specific transcriptome and pan-transcriptome reconstruction of tetraploid potato pISA projects path: ../pISA-Projects Local pISA-tree organisation: National Institute of Biology pISA project creation date: 2019-10-22 pISA project creator: Maja Zagorscak, Ziva Ramsak, Marko Petek Project funding code: This project was supported by the Slovenian Research Agency (grants P4-0165, J4-4165, J4-7636, J4-8228 and J4-9302), COST actions CA15110 (CHARME) and CA15109 (COSTNET). Project coordinator: Kristina Gruden Project partners: PacBio, Menlo Park, CA, USA; National Center for Genome Analysis and Support (NCGAS), Indiana University, Bloomington, USA; Laboratoire Génomique et Biotechnologie des Fruits, INRA-INP/ENSAT, Castanet-Tolosan, France Project start date: December 2017 Project end date: October 2019 Principal investigator: Kristina Gruden License: MIT, CC BY 4.0 Sharing permission: Public Upload to FAIRDOMHub: Yes

RELATED FILES: pISA/README.MD at projects · NIB-SI/pISA · GitHub https://fairdomhub.org/documents/350 /_PROJECT_METADATA.TXT https://fairdomhub.org/documents/329 /_p_stRT_TREE.TXT https://fairdomhub.org/documents/328 /presentations/README.MD https://fairdomhub.org/documents/335 /README.MD https://fairdomhub.org/documents/330 /reports/README.MD https://fairdomhub.org/documents/332 /Metadata_files https://fairdomhub.org/documents/331

Programme: NIBSys

SEEK ID: https://fairdomhub.org/projects/161

Funding codes:
  • P4-0165
  • J4-7636
  • J4-4165
  • J4-8228
  • J4-9302
  • CA15110
  • CA15109

Public web page: http://www.nib.si/eng/index.php/systems-biology

Organisms: Potato virus y, Solanum tuberosum

FAIRDOM PALs: No PALs for this Project

Project start date: 1st Dec 2017

Project end date: 1st Jan 2020

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