Study: _S_01_sequences Short Name: 01_sequences Title: NGS sequences for de novo assembly Description: NGS sequences for de novo assembly; input for Study 02_denovo Raw Data: see: ./reports/SupplementaryTableS1-Input_sequences_information.xlsx pISA Study creation date: 2019-10-23 pISA Study creator: Maja Zagorscak, Marko Petek, Ziva Ramsak Principal investigator: Kristina Gruden License: MIT Sharing permission: Public Upload to FAIRDOMHub: Yes

RELATED FILES: /reports/README.MD https://fairdomhub.org/documents/340 /_STUDY_METADATA.TXT https://fairdomhub.org/documents/339 /README.MD https://fairdomhub.org/documents/338 /reports/SupplementaryTableS1-Input_sequences_information.xlsx Version 1 https://fairdomhub.org/data_files/3090

DOI: 10.15490/fairdomhub.1.study.667.1

Zenodo URL: None

Created at: 26th Nov 2019 at 12:04


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SHA1: 1307aa117b9ab4db9a2bc140c69ea0b9cdc002a0

Zagorscak, M., & Petek, M. (2019). _S_01_sequences. FAIRDOMHub. https://doi.org/10.15490/FAIRDOMHUB.1.STUDY.667.1
Snapshot 1 (26th Nov 2019) DOI

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