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This record includes Matlab and Simile format versions of the Arabidopsis Framework Model version 1, FMv1 (Chew et al, PNAS 2014;, copied from the PlaSMo resource (, PLM_ID=76. The model description is in the Supplementary Materials of the publication, which should be uploaded somewhere here also but I don't see how to do it.

The FMv1 links the following sub-models:
1. Arabidopsis leaf carbohydrate model (Rasse and

Creators: Andrew Millar, Yin Hoon Chew

Contributor: Andrew Millar

This ordinary-differential equation model is a spatially lumped model showing the behaviour of oxygen in the three compartments medium, membrane and cytoplasm and its impact on FNR inactivation, hereby showing the effects of different oxygen concentrations, diffusion coefficients and reaction rates. The model was created with the Matlab SimBiology toolbox.

Creator: Samantha Nolan

Contributor: David Knies

Here is a kinetic model (in COPASI format) of L. lactis glycolysis.

Creator: Mark Musters

Contributor: Mark Musters

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