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Creator: Malgorzata Adamczyk

Contributor: Malgorzata Adamczyk

Code for joint probabilistic inference of transcription factor behaviour and gene-transcription factor as well as metabolite-transcription factor interaction based on genome and metabolite data.

Creators: Botond Cseke, Guido Sanguinetti

Contributor: Botond Cseke

Bayesian model for inference of the activity of transcription factors from targets' mRNA levels. A standalone C sharp package (runs on linux and mac under MONO).

Creator: Guido Sanguinetti

Contributor: Guido Sanguinetti

Mathematical model for TPI kinetics, GAP and DHAP saturation, and inhibition with 3PG and PEP.

Creator: Jacky Snoep

Contributor: Jacky Snoep

Mathematica notebook for the parameterisation of the TPI rate equation based on SEEK linked experimental data.

Creators: Dawie Van Niekerk, Jacky Snoep

Contributor: Dawie Van Niekerk

The zip file contains two executable Matlab functions.

File named 'fnct_gen_tfcompmod.m' generates a Simbiology model based on the following interactions:
R + X <-> RX -> R + X + Px
R + Y <-> RY -> R + Y + Py
R + Z <-> RZ -> R + Z + Pz
Y + Pz -> Pz
Px ->
Py ->
Pz ->

We assume much higher reaction speeds of sigma factor RNApol binding/unbinding compared to protein expression. Protein expression can therefore be represented by Michaelis-Menten like kinetic laws with three competing inhibitors

Creator: Ulf Liebal

Contributor: Ulf Liebal

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Creator: Daniel Seaton

Contributor: Daniel Seaton

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