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The model describes the catabolism of Escherichia coli and its regulation. The metabolic reactions are modeled by the thermokinetic model formalism. The model is simplified by assuming rapid equilibrium of many reactions. Regulation is modeled by phenomenological laws describing the activation or repression of enzymes and genes in dependence of metabolic signals. The model is intended to describe the behavior of E. coli in a chemostat culture in depedence on the oxygen supply.

The model is described

Creators: Michael Ederer, David Knies

Contributor: Michael Ederer

The model presents the response of E.coli to different levels of oxygen supply, in which the oxidases, Cyo and Cyd, and their regulators, FNR and ArcBA systems, are included. The initial file 0.xml and supporting documents are for the model with FNR only. Four 0.xml files provided are at AAU level 31, 85, 115 and 217 respectively. The ArcBA system can be activated by revising the number of agents, ArcB, ArcA dimer, ArcA monomer, ArcA tetramer and ArcA octamer, in the initial file. The model needs

Creator: Hao Bai

Contributor: Hao Bai

Mathematica notebook for the parameterisation of the ALD rate equation based on SEEK linked experimental data.

Creators: Dawie Van Niekerk, Jacky Snoep

Contributor: Dawie Van Niekerk

This version is P2011.1.2, model ID PLM_71 version 1. Dynamics identical to P2011.1.1 of the Pokhilko et al. 2012 publication.

Creator: Andrew Millar

Contributor: Andrew Millar

Mathematica notebook for the ATPase reaction.

Creators: Dawie Van Niekerk, Jacky Snoep

Contributor: Dawie Van Niekerk

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