Agent-based model of response of E.coli to different levels of oxygen supply (with FNR and ArcBA)
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The model presents the response of E.coli to different levels of oxygen supply, in which the oxidases, Cyo and Cyd, and their regulators, FNR and ArcBA systems, are included. The initial file 0.xml and supporting documents are for the model with FNR only. Four 0.xml files provided are at AAU level 31, 85, 115 and 217 respectively. The ArcBA system can be activated by revising the number of agents, ArcB, ArcA dimer, ArcA monomer, ArcA tetramer and ArcA octamer, in the initial file. The model needs to be compiled and run in the FLAME environment. The related software of FLAME can be obtained from


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  • Agent description.pdf (PDF document - 1.32 MB)
  • General model description.pdf (PDF document - 420 KB)
  • Model interaction rules and parameters.pdf (PDF document - 295 KB)
  • Model stategraph.pdf (PDF document - 52.8 KB)
  • Model process order graph.pdf (PDF document - 60.4 KB)
  • Model visualisation in 2D.pdf (PDF document - 1.11 MB)
  • Model output diagram.pdf (PDF document - 66.4 KB)

Organism: Escherichia coli

Model type: Agent based modelling

Model format: Not specified

Execution or visualisation environment: FLAME

Model image: No image specified

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