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E.coli Core model, with additional reactions added to generate the beta-oxadation cycle. This is the basic model used in RobOKoD: microbial strain design for (over)production of target compounds (

Creator: Natalie Stanford

Contributor: Natalie Stanford

A model of E. coli central carbon core metabolism, used as starting point for B. subtilis modelling. It is developed by Chassagnole et al. doi:10.1002/bit.10288.

Creators: Ulf Liebal, Fei He

Contributor: Ulf Liebal

Mathematica notebook for the parameterisation of the ENO rate equation based on SEEK linked experimental data.

Creators: Dawie Van Niekerk, Jacky Snoep

Contributor: Dawie Van Niekerk

This function estimates the parameters of growth functions of the acid-forming and solvent-forming population observed in 'forward'-shift experiments of phosphate-limited continuous cultures of C. acetobutylicum. The parameters are used in the 'Two-Populations'-Model of the pH-induced metabolic shift.

It assumed that the found behaviour of the optical density during these experiments results from a phenotypic switch caused by the changing pH level.

Creator: Thomas Millat

Contributor: Thomas Millat

Python scripts to run the analysis estimating rates of protein synthesis in the light and dark, and overall rates of protein turnover, in Cyanothece and Ostrecoccus tauri.

Creators: Daniel Seaton, Andrew Millar

Contributor: Daniel Seaton

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