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Mathematical model for FBPAase kinetics, saturation with DHAP and GAP

Creator: Jacky Snoep

Contributor: Jacky Snoep

Mechanistical model of the catalytic cycle of Trypanothione Synthetase

Creators: Jurgen Haanstra, Alejandro Leroux

Contributor: Jurgen Haanstra

Framework Model for Arabidopsis vegetative growth, version 2 (FMv2), as described in Chew et al. bioRxiv 2017 (; please see linked Article file).

The FMv2 model record on FAIRDOMHub has the following versions, which represent the same FMv2 model:
Version 1 is an archive of the github repository of MATLAB code for the Framework Model v2, downloaded from on 06/02/17. This version was not licensed for further use and was

Creators: Daniel Seaton, Yin Hoon Chew, Andrew Millar

Contributor: Daniel Seaton

No description specified

Creator: Jacky Snoep

Contributor: Jacky Snoep

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