Figure 6C and D: The clock-sigC circuit represents a general mechanism to generate multi-peak oscillations in oscillatory networks.

C Numerical simulations of the RpoD6 wild-type network show a shoulder of expression trailing the main peak (red line). All the parameters describing the clock and
SigC are as in Fig 4B, and only the threshold of activation of the rpoD6 promoter by the clock was modified. Numerical simulations of a SigC knock-out model (in
which the terms representing the regulation of RpoD6 by SigC are set to zero) show only single-peaked oscillations (blue line).
D The incoherent feedforward loop circuit that regulates rpoD6 and psbAI is capable of generating diverse oscillatory dynamics in vivo and in silico. Networks where a target gene (Y) is co-regulated by an oscillator and another regulator (X, which itself is regulated by the oscillator) may represent a general mechanism for generating multi-peak oscillations.

SED-ML simulation


Martins et al (2016) Molecular Systems Biology

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