Arabidopsis thaliana

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thale-cress, mouse-ear cress

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None defined

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Name Provider name Provider's strain ID Genotypes Phenotypes Synonym Comments Based on
Landsberg (erecta) Not specified Not specified null ERECTA short, robust inflorescence La(er) Originally selected by George Redei in Columbia, Missouri, following X-ray mutagenesis. Used as parent line for many genetic studies by Maarten Koorneef in the Netherlands, and others in 1990's-2000's. Not specified
Arabidopsis accession Fei-0 Dr. Ronan Sulpice from Max Planck Institute for Molecular Plant Physiology, Potsdam - Golm, Germany Fei-0 wild-type wild-type Fei-0 Accession collected in Santa Maria da Feira village (Portugal) Not specified
Pro35S:MIR156 transgenic Arabidopsis European Arabidopsis Stock Centre (NASC) NASC ID: N9952 wild-type wild-type Pro35S:MIR15 From NASC website: Transgenic plants generated by floral dipping method. The homozygous plants are screened in T3. Donation Date: 2010-07-23 Donated by: Max-Planck-Institute for Developmental Biology, Germany: Detlef Weigel lab Col-0 wild type
pgm Mark Stitt Not specified EMS AT5G51820 starch deficient Not specified I assume pgm-1 Col-0 wild type
lhy-21 cca1-11 Andrew Millar Not specified T-DNA LHY;T-DNA CCA1 short circadian period, early flowering cca1;lhy Probably contains a chromosomal rearrangement, as the T-DNA's can segregate as if they are genetically linked in the Millar lab's experience, whereas the target genes are on different chromosomes Not specified
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