Chew_et_al_2014_Framework_Model version 1, Matlab and Simile
Version 1

This record includes Matlab and Simile format versions of the Arabidopsis Framework Model version 1, FMv1 (Chew et al, PNAS 2014;, copied from the PlaSMo resource (, PLM_ID=76. The model description is in the Supplementary Materials of the publication, which should be uploaded somewhere here also but I don't see how to do it.

The FMv1 links the following sub-models:

  1. Arabidopsis leaf carbohydrate model (Rasse and Tocquin) - Carbon Dynamic Model
  2. Part of the Christophe et al 2008 Functional-Structural Plant Model
  3. Chew et al 2012 Photothermal Model
  4. Salazar et al 2009 Photoperiodism Model

To run the model in Simile, please download the Evaluation Edition of the software from and follow the instructions detailed in the PlaSMo record linked from this Model.


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Organism: Arabidopsis thaliana

Model type: Not specified

Model format: Matlab package

Execution or visualisation environment: Matlab

Model image: (Click on the image to zoom) (Original)

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