Growth of Col-0 and 35S:miR156 plants in 12hL:12hD

Data for Figures 5D-5F and Supplementary Figure 7B, 7C, including biomass and leaf areas. Image data for leaf areas are included in a .ZIP archive, with two samples as published in 5D. The 'Summary' sheets in the XLSX files include published graphs. Simulation data are included from FMv1. These data were acquired in April 2014, in a separate experiment from the La(er) and Fei-0. Experimental conditions: ∼20.7 °C constant temperature; 12h:12h light/dark cycle; light intensity = 100μmol·m−2·s−1; average daytime CO2 concentration = 405 ppm. Data from 5 plants, so error bars in publication show the SEs of five plants. Biomass and image/area data collected from plants at 37 days after sowing.

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