Growth of Fei-0 and Ler plants in 12hL:12hD

Data for Figure 3A-3F and Supplementary Figures 2, 3, and 6, including leaf number, biomass and leaf areas. Image data for leaf areas are included in a .ZIP archive. The 'Summary' sheets in the XLSX files often include published graphs. Simulation data are included from FMv1. These data were acquired in June 2012. Experimental conditions: ~22C constant temperature; 12:12-h light/dark cycle; light intensity = 130 μmol·m−2·s−1; average daytime CO2 concentration = 375 ppm. 10 plants per genotype per timepoint measured for shoot biomass, (error bars showed the SEs) plants for total shoot biomass and 5 plants for individual leaf biomass. 24 plants for leat number (error bars showed the SDs). Biomass and image/area data collected from plants at 18, 25 and 30 days after sowing.

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