Gas exchange of Fei-0 and Ler plants in 12hL:12hD

Data for Figure 3G and Supplementary Figure 4, including gas exchange measurements and photo of the experimental setup. The 'Summary' sheets in the XLSX files often include published graphs. Simulation data are included from FMv1.

These data were acquired in a separate experiment from the biomass, in March 2013. Replication of the earlier biomass study was imperfect, as some plants became a little dry when watering was controlled to reduce moss growth. Sufficient plants grew strongly to measure short-term gas exchange, but not to sample all biomass for all genotypes at all timepoints. Experimental conditions (of 2012 first replicate - see files attached for this expt): ~22C constant temperature; 12:12-h light/dark cycle; light intensity = 130 μmol·m−2·s−1; average daytime CO2 concentration = 375 ppm. Biomass and image/area data collected from plants at 18, 23/25, 29/30(Fei bolted) and 37(Ler bolted) days after sowing.

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