Prediction and analysis of phenotypes in the Arabidopsis clock mutant <i>prr7 prr9</i> using the Framework Model v2 (FMv2)

Data, FMv2 model and simulations for the Chew et al. 2017 paper (bioRxiv ), updated in 2022, mostly on the prr7 prr9 double mutant, with controls in lsf1 and prr7 single mutants. This is one of the outputs from the EU FP7 TiMet project,

This data archive was updated during submisson to the journal _in Silico _Plants in 2022, and a Snapshot was published. The updates are not changing the core data or the FMv2 model that has been public for some years, just enhancing annotations and adding supporting data files, including from follow-up studies. The same Snapshot is shared on the University of Edinburgh Datashare and on Zenodo.

The data files include results on metabolites, genotypes and timepoints that are not reported in the publications. We request that users gives appropriate credit to the authors of any data released here, as a norm of academic practice, including data released under CC-0 licence.

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Anna Flis, Sam T. Mugford, Gavin M. George, Michael Moulin, Alastair Hume, Samuel Zeeman, Teresa Fitzpatrick, Alison M. Smith, Mark Stitt

Millar, A., Chew, Y. H., Seaton, D., & Mengin, V. (2022). Prediction and analysis of phenotypes in the Arabidopsis clock mutant prr7 prr9 using the Framework Model v2 (FMv2). FAIRDOMHub.
Note: This is a citation for Snapshot 1 of this Investigation, the contents of which may vary from what is shown on this page.
Snapshot 1 (10th May 2022) DOI

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