TiMet WP1.1 qRT-PCR LD to LL and DD
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RNA levels for control amplicons and multiple clock genes in 2 WT (Col, Ws) and 5 clock mutants of Arabidopsis, in biological duplicates, from three conditions: Diurnal cycle (12L/12D), Extended night (DD), Extended light (LL), harvested every 2 hours. Numbers are in transcript copy per cell, obtained assuming 1 g FW contains 25000000 cells. Comments: Data from LD are concateneted with DD and LL for better visualization. Toc1-101 (col-0) gi-201 (col-0) prr7-3 prr9-1 (col-0) , lhy cca1 (ws) elf3-4 (WS) Data published in Flis et al. Open Biology 2015, original file available from BioDare repository, see link attached.

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