Laurel and Hardy 1 mean data and simulations
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Excel spreadsheet with data and simulations used to prepare figures for publication, see Metadata sheet for conditions. Data Fresh (not dry) rosette leaf biomass, measured in samples of 5 plants each on multiple days, as mean and SD; Simulation outputs from FMv2 for Col Wild Type plants, lsf1, and two simulations for prr7prr9 where the mutation affects only starch degradation or both starch degradation and malate/fumarate store mobilisation.

Starch levels in carbon units (not C6) measured on on days 27-28, mean and SD, simulations as above Malate and fumarate levels in carbon units (not C4) measured on days 27-28, mean and SD, simulations as above Many simulation outputs from FMv2 runs in the conditions above, from the Matlab output file


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