Arabidopsis leaf carbohydrate model (Rasse and Tocquin) - PLM_2

Validation. Validated against original implementation running under GNU FORTRAN 95. To allow the maximum flexiblity during validation the original FORTRAN code was modified slightly (note that no code lines were deleted). The code was run with high precision so that values were directly comparable with those in Simile even after hundreds of thousands of iterations. The values of all the variables in the original code were printed to the screen so that they could be checked against their Simile equivalents across 24 days of simulation. Thus, the validation was not done against the values the original FORTRAN wrote to disk data files. The loops for CO2 and light intensity in the code were set to start and stop at 36 and 120 respectively (i.e. only one value for each was used in the validation). The original code and the Simile model gave exactly the same values for all the state variables for the wild type and the two mutants even after a full 24 days of simulation. Comments on numerical integration: The model should be run using Euler integration with a time step of 1 unit. Comments on running the Simile model: The user can adjust the length of the day light period using the variable "light_hr" and the number of iteration steps per hour using "steps per hour", both are in the Simile submodel "time control". Note that the Simile model was only validated using 600 steps per hour as was used in the main reference.

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Original Model: Language: FORTRAN 95. Author: Daniel P. Rasse. File names of original code: 1) "AS-NewBSC.f95": This is the main part of the leaf model. 2) "photosynthesis.f95": This is the photosynthesis submodel used by the leaf model. This is available as a seperate model on this portal, see "C3 photosynthesis model".
Purpose: A mechanistic model of sugar-starch cycling's influence on plant growth and responses to elevated CO2 levels in Arabidopsis thaliana.

Related Publications
Rasse D.P. and Tocquin P. (2006). Leaf carbohydrate controls over Arabidopsis growth and response to elevated CO2: an experimentally based model. New Phytologist 172, 500-513.

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