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This is a photothermal model for Arabidopsis that predicts flowering time, published in Chew et al (2012). It is an improved version of the model in Wilczek et al (Science 2009). A Simile version of the model is attached.	<strong>Instructions to run the Photothermal Model in Simile</strong>	1.       Download the Simile file attached or import the XML into Simile:	           a.       File > Import > XML Model Description	2.       To run the model:	           a.       Model > Run or click on the ‘Play’ (triangle) button	3.       When you run the model for the first time, you will be prompted to enter the value of temperature, sunrise and sunset times (in 24-hour format)	4.       The time unit and time step also need to be adjusted as follows:	           a.       The time step can be set in the run display window. The time step #1 should be set to 1	           b.      The time unit should be changed to ‘hour’, which can be done in the ‘Run settings’ tab in the run display window	5.       Model execution time can be set in the run display window. However, even if a high value is used, model will still stop execution at the predicted flowering time.<br><br><strong>Related Publications</strong><br>Chew YH, Wilczek AM, Williams M, Welch SM, Schmitt J, Halliday KJ (2012). An augmented Arabidopsis phenology model reveals seasonal temperature control of flowering time. New Phytologist. <br><br><strong>Originally submitted to PLaSMo on 2013-11-12 14:47:20</strong>
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