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This is the SimileXML for the Salazar2009_FloweringPhotoperiod model in PlaSMo. It corresponds to Model 3 in the publication of Salazar et al 2009. The Simile version of this model is also attached here.	<strong>Instructions to run the Photoperiodism Model in Simile</strong>	1.       Save all the files into the same folder.	2.       Copy and paste the attached ‘’ file in the following folder:	           Program File > Simile6.0 (or other software version)> Functions	3.       Download the attached Simile file or import the XML into Simile:	           a.       File > Import > XML Model Description	4.       To run the model:	           a.       Model > Run or click on the ‘Play’ (triangle) button	5.       When you run the model for the first time, you will be prompted to load the parameter file. To do so:	          a.       Load the ‘Salazar model.spf’ file at the TOP LEVEL	6.       The time unit and time step also need to be adjusted as follows:	           a.       The time step can be set in the run display window. The time step #1 should be set to 0.001	           b.      The time unit should be changed to ‘hour’, which can be done in the ‘Run settings’ tab in the run display window<br><br><strong>Related Publications</strong><br>Salazar JD, Saithong T, Brown PE, Foreman J, Locke JC, Halliday KJ, Carré IA, Rand DA, Millar AJ.  (2009). Prediction of photoperiodic regulators from quantitative gene circuit models . Cell. Retrieved from:  <br><br><strong>Originally submitted to PLaSMo on 2013-11-12 15:06:57</strong>
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