Copasi file acute inflammation Abulikemu et al 2020 (altered units TNF and MMP8) homo sapiens
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Copasi file chronic inflammation Abulikemu et al 2020 (altered units TNF and MMP8); see supplemntal material:
TNF and MMP7 concentration upgrade of the models
All computations for the present paper were completed by using the model prepared and tested in Abulikemu et al 2018. Then, little attention was paid to the unit in which concentrations were expressed, except for the concentration of fibroblasts, which we found important for modelling the effect of confluency. This led to a predicted TNF concentration in the acute inflammation of 50 fM, i.e. much lower than levels reported for human serum (approximately 25 (1.0 pM) and 11 pg/mL (0.4 pM) for patients and healthy individuals, respectively (Arican et al., 2005). A posteriori we modulated the standard model so as to obtain a model predicting the concentrations of TNF and MMP7 both to be higher by a factor of 1000 at all times, with all other concentrations being unaffected.
We hereto devised the following more general strategy writing x for TNF and MMP7 and y for the other variables.


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Model type: Ordinary differential equations (ODE)

Model format: Copasi

Execution or visualisation environment: Copasi

DOI: 10.15490/fairdomhub.1.model.646.1

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Abulikemu Abudukelimu and Matteo Barberis
Westerhoff, H. (2019). Copasi file acute inflammation Abulikemu et al 2020 (altered units TNF and MMP8) homo sapiens. FAIRDOMHub.

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